“On Courage” Honorable Mention: Marion Cohen

Marion CohenMarion Cohen was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Kean University where she earned a B.A. in mathematics and also an M. Ed. from Rutgers University. She enjoyed a very gratifying career teaching mathematics for 36 years at the secondary level and at a community college.

Marion Cohen has recently published her first novel, What The Heart Murmurs, which is available on Amazon.com. The story of an intelligent, passionate, and sensitive woman and her quest to make peace with her life’s choices and the people involved in them, What the Heart Murmurs is a sophisticated look at modern understandings of love, marriage, and career.

Ms. Cohen presently resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Ms. Cohen’s nonfiction story “Into The Box” was awarded Honorable Mention in our “On Courage” contest.

I write because: I have always been a very introspective person and I believe once you see the world through the written word, one can gain new perspectives especially on inter-personal relationships.
Some surprising things I have learned about courage over the years: I believe as one gets older making courageous decisions becomes somewhat easier. Also that it takes more courage to confront emotional challenges than the physical ones.
I feel most courageous when I am: listening to my heart of hearts and it tells me I am doing the right thing.

 Some Things You Might Find Interesting About Me 

1. I am a collector of antique buttons that I incorporate in my designs of jewelry, frames, greeting cards and other textiles. I occasionally open my studio to show my wares.

2. I also have spent many years collecting Russian Nest Dolls. My appreciation of these beautiful, colorful dolls began shortly after my trip to Moscow in the 1970’s.

3. My artistic endeavors have also been fulfilled creating needlepoint pillows that were inspired by Klimt paintings. The cover of my novel also reflects this element of design.

4. I have visited the Hotel Du Lac in Switzerland, which was the setting of one of my favorite books by Anita Brookner.

5. I have had a passion for anything “Streisand” and have seen The Way We Were multiple times and can easily recite all the dialogue.

 About “Into The Box” 

Throughout my life, whenever I have been confronted with emotional turmoil, I have always turned to writing to rescue me from the overwhelming uncertainties that clearly stood in front of me. One can gain such different perspectives with each contemplative movement of the pen. A cancer diagnosis opens the mind to the most abysmal thoughts and treatment for the disease transports even the most optimistic of persons into profound despair. I felt the need to write not only about the horror of the experience but the very moment when dreadfulness revolved into courageous hope to move forward.

To purchase a copy of Ms. Cohen’s novel, What The Heart Murmurs, please click here. You may also connect with Ms. Cohen on Facebook.