Shavonne Broom of StyleChurch – “On Courage” Featured Contributor

Shavonne Broom of StyleChurch "On Courage" Contributor

Shavonne Broom is a self described Encourager, Soul Driven Personal Stylist and founder of StyleChurch – a spirit-centered business with a soulful approach to personal style. She is the leading stylist in connecting inner beauty with outer style. She specializes in helping women move past personal fears of judgment and doubt and encourages them to take bold, courageous action in their life by providing expert tips and strategies to rebuild self confidence and develop a personal presence that connects to the beauty, power, and richness that lives within.

She stands behind the belief that true beauty and style must radiate from the inside out. She knows that true beauty and style cannot be found in style magazines or on TV. And she loves to share the message that individuality and self-acceptance are the core to discovering one’s true beauty and style and uses this approach to help women fall in love with themselves again…in style and on purpose.

Shavonne has an unique approach to personal style that is proven to transform the lives and style choices of her clients. Some of her clients consist of military veterans, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs.

From online training, seminars, workshops to live events and retreats, Shavonne provides a fresh perspective on topics related to self-acceptance and individuality to help her clients move past fear and get clear on who they are and how they want to show up in the world.

Shavonne is a military veteran. She served over 10 years in the United States Air Force as a Pharmacy Technician. During her spare time, she attends latin dance lessons and hip hop cardio classes and volunteers her time speaking and suiting clients at Dress for Success San Antonio. She also mentors her 10 year “Little Sister” whom she has been matched with for 4 years with the Big Brothers Big Sister’s Community Mentorship Program. Shavonne is also a member/elected officer of a local Toastmasters club.

She stands before you today with the support of The Divine, her entrepreneur sisters, coaches, mentors, teachers, fellow iron sharpeners, family and loved ones.

Love Me, Manifesto 

Presenting the Love Me, Manifesto by StyleChurch.

You are good enough, beautiful enough, deserving, and worthy to be the person you were always created to be. You have the strength, power, courage and inner fortitude to bust through fear and commit to living the life of your dreams.

When life throws you curve balls, or when “little me” interjects your next big move, the Love, me Manifesto serves as your inner guide to bring you back to I AM and to remind you of WHO you truly are. You are a gift to the world and you deserve to be seen and heard. Allow the Love, Me Manifesto to support you in your journey to a life filled with love, light, and style.

The Love, Me Manifesto will fill your heart space with affirmations, a gratitude list and your very own personal mantra. Recite it. Write on it. Personalize it. Carry in your purse, in your briefcase or in your travel bag. This is your companion. Small in size and big on impact.

Give yourself permission to share your voice and reveal your true beauty with the world — in style and on purpose.

Love you. Love, me.

Shavonne’s Courage 

She moved out at the age of 18 and joined the Air Force.

She left the Air Force after ten years and moved from Virginia to Texas without a plan.

She left a comfortable contract job after six years and started StyleChurch.


Shavonne’s Interview with Tortoise and Finch 

We recently interviewed Shavonne as part of National Domestic Violence Awareness and National Bullying Prevention Month for Part One of Our Three-Part Series on The Healing Power of Voice. Read the interview on the You Look a Lot Like Me blog.

You can connect with Shavonne at the StyleChurch website.