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You Look a Lot Like Me

You Look a Lot Like Me is an educational documentary exploring the insidious social pandemic of domestic violence in the U.S. The film’s carefully woven first person narratives take us on a journey that reveals the universality of the survivor’s experience, a journey that clearly demonstrates that no one is immune to the far-reaching impacts of domestic abuse.

An array of experts working in the field of domestic violence prevention provide a deeper context to the victims’ stories, while the astounding confession of a convicted abuser compels the audience to examine our preconceived notions about the face of abuse.

The film premiered as part of the Awareness Festival in Hollywood, California, and was officially released on February 1, 2014.

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Technical Information 

Original Feature-Length Cut Total Running Time: 123 Minutes
Exhibition Format: DVD, Blu-Ray
NTSC, Region 0
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Color, English
Rating: N/A
1-Hour Edition Total Running Time: 60 Minutes
Exhibition Format: DVD
NTSC, Region 0
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Color, English
Rating: N/A

Supplementary Materials 

You Look a Lot Like Me: Movie Companion Book

An informative companion to the documentary film featuring insight and recommendations by experts from organizations on the forefront of finding solutions and building preventative cultures, essays that effectively demonstrate the subtle and pervasive aspects of domestic violence, additional survivor stories not included in the film, artwork from artists touched by the effects of domestic violence, and testimonials from those involved in the film’s creation.

ISBN: 978-1484808726 Print. Color. 139 Pages. Language: English. Retail Price: $22.99 (USD)
You Look a Lot Like Me: Community Education and Discussion Guide

A community education and discussion guide designed to help a variety of audiences explore and engage with the content featured in the documentary film You Look a Lot Like Me. Includes general questions about domestic violence, as well as content-specific questions based on the film and its Movie Companion Book.

Print. Black and White. 70 Pages. Language: English. Available as Part of the You Look a Lot Like Me Premium Educational Package: Public Libraries & Qualified Groups: $207.99 Educational: $339.99 Institutions, Organizations, Corporations, and Government Agencies: $388.99

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