Our 2016 “On Courage” Contest Winners


Tortoise and Finch Blog Post 5

We are pleased to announce the winners of our “On Courage” Nonfiction Writing Contest.

First, though, we want to acknowledge all of our entrants. After posting and sharing the call for entries back in October 2015 (thanks to everyone who helped us spread the word), we received touching and praiseworthy submissions from all over the country, with topics ranging from mental illness, bereavement, and sexual violence to bullying and emigration. On behalf of our panel of judges, we want to thank all those who made the decision and took the time to submit their stories for our consideration. It was an honor to read such heartfelt and inspiring writing. All of you definitely have a lot to teach us about “courage” as well as about optimism and hope.

Our 2016 “On Courage” winners:

First Place: Mary Jumbelic (NY) for “The Boy.” To learn more about Mary and to read “The Boy,” please click here.

Second Place: Vickie Blackwell Morrow (NC) for “He Keeps on Truckin.'” To learn more about Vickie and to read “He Keeps on Truckin,'” please click here.

Third Place: Vickie Carden Posey (NC) for “On Growing Old.” To learn more about Vickie, and to read “On Growing Old,” please click here.

Honorable Mention: Laura King Edwards (NC) for “The Trial.” To learn more about Laura, please click here.

Honorable Mention: Marion Cohen (NJ) for “Into the Box.” To learn more about Marion, please click here.

Honorable Mention: Melissa Ratner (CA) for “A Diabetic’s Perspective.” To learn more about Melissa, please click here.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the contest—to our panel of sharp and tenderhearted judges, to all of the generous prize contributors, and to the many businesses, universities, writers’ groups, and individuals who helped us spread the word about “On Courage.” We very much appreciate your support!

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